A miracle seminar that brings out the best performance and changes your life

The world's top psychotherapist Dr. Gilligan visits Japan for the first time in four years!
"Generative Trance and Creativity"

For nearly 50 years, a real and online program with Japanese interpretation will begin with an emotional experience that has brought overwhelming transformation to people around the world.

Learning from the world's highest peak that will change you

What to Learn in the IAGC Accredited Generative Trance and Creativity

Course flow

  • Start with Dr. Gilligan's latest research
  • group process,
  • Demo work with Dr. Gilligan and volunteer clients,
  • Generative trance exercises with a partner,
  • group discussion, etc.

In the dense time created by Dr. Gilligan's "place", you can experience natural transformation, discovery, and unexpected encounters with yourself.

Specific contents of module ①

Module 1 [June 3-5, 3 days in Japan]

Through generative trance, learn how the conscious (reality-based) and creative unconscious work as partners for creativity.

Also, it is impossible to create creativity without conscious and unconscious co-partnership.

Gain hands-on, essential learning that will make a big difference in your life.

  • Experience the trance state as a "special learning state" necessary for successful and sustained creativity (the experience of a state of consciousness called the COACH state).
  • Understand and experience how trance is essential to personal and business success, health and relationship prosperity, and all creativity.
  • Practice the four steps of creativity and their application to change work and self-transformation.
  • Open the "coach field" (consciousness and unconsciousness are connected, relaxed and desired condition)
    Identify and re-recognize the field of "sacred space" for yourself.
    It prepares the field (state of consciousness) of an open "sacred space" without worrying about money, the future, problems, etc.
  • Practice a state of trance that awakens creative development. Physical Modeling
    of the 4 Positive Connections (Cognitive, Physical, Collective Intelligence and Resources) Trance, Positive Intentions, Resources and Centering
  • Understand the difference between problems and resources, and reinstall ties.
    When viewed as a positive part of creative development, the problem is viewed as another aspect.
  • Practice how you can use your positive trance to turn problems into creative resources.
  • Realize how your experience can be positive or negative depending on how you relate to it.

A chance to learn from the world's highest peak, Dr. Gilligan

Comment from Dr. Gilligan

“I received my BA in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I met Bateson, Bandler, Grinder, and the great psychiatrist/hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson. In a way, it instilled in me the Anima Mundi (Soul of the World) and its radiant mosaic of interrelationships. After that, I got my PhD in research psychology from Stanford University. Since then, as a psychotherapist and coach, I practice, write, and teach, constantly seeking ways to absorb and integrate the myriad contradictions and conflicts of consciousness.

Over the past few decades, my travels and teachings in various cultures have taught me the infinite number of forms and shapes of people and, even deeper, the humanity we share. I was made aware. This experience seems especially important now that old forms are crumbling and differences are getting closer and closer. I now know that traveling is feeling the deep waves of consciousness that can hold and heal the fragility and potential of the world. ”

"Generative Trance focuses on how to create a positive reality. Remember that as we walk the creative path of our own lives, negative experiences are inevitable in our path. Generative trance transforms negative experiences into positive resources, creating a more positive high-level field, containing and transcending the values ​​and patterns of the system, enabling transformation and creativity.

Overview of the event


June 3rd 10:00-18:00 4th and 5th 9:30-18:00

Tuition fee for module ①

  • Price: $480
    with unlimited viewing of recordings (3 months)

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