Come and experience traditional Japanese culture and spend time with experts in various fields.
We will be offering several workshops exploring a meditative lifestyle steeped in Japanese traditions. High level experts have gathered together to collaborate on this event, for the first time ever either inside or outside of Japan. We welcome anybody who would like to enjoy Japanese culture with us.
There will be both English and French speaking staff in attendance. The taking of photos during the workshops will be permitted.
Please visit us, it will be a great opportunity to spend time with experts in Kimono!


Day 1 - Feb. 11 (Mon)
Venue: Espace Culture Bertin Poiree

Part 1: Haiku (a 3-line form of poetry)

Haiku is getting more and more popular worldwide. A Haiku master from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) will explain the beauty of Haiku. A rare video involving famous Haiku masters will be shown.
Some understanding of Japanese will be beneficial for this workshop.

Part 2:(13:00~14:30) Mindfulness and Japanese tea ceremony

It is said that the popularity of Japanese tea ceremony, in other words “The Way of Tea” has been increasing in France. We will look at The Way of Tea from the perspective of brain science.
As practice of mindfulness, you will experience the tea ceremony with your five senses. By doing so, we will explore ways to enrich our lives in the modern world. Please enjoy making your own tea with traditional sweets.

Part3:(15:00~17:00)OvertoneChanting Meditation

Overtone Chanting is a dynamic meditation that participants make a circle and repeat making vowel sounds in a low tone together. You may have a mystical experience, such as feeling an infinite space within you, seeing a vision in your mind or hearing a vast range of sounds clearly.
The safety of the meditation is scientifically verified. We welcome anyone who would like to enjoy its simple meditation with us.

Day 2 - Feb. 12 (Tue) in the evening

Part 4: Kyogen (a farcical play, mainly in the form of dialogue)

Kyogen is a form of comic theatre with 650 years of tradition.
Kyogen suggests the unchanging nature of human beings.Although actors will use classical Japanese, it should be possible for visitors to follow the general storyline by paying attention to gestures and tones of voice.
This performance will celebrate the launch of Kyogen’s new branch in Paris.
Please enjoy Kyogen and Japanese traditional dance performed by a leading master and his pupils.
After the play, Everyone will enjoy experiencing Kyogen performance.


For booking, please contact the email address below and come and visit our event.
We look forward to meeting you.